Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wine and Love v.1

I am linking up with Nora today for her Wine & Love feature.

Why I am reaching for the wine:

- Nightly clusterfeeding sessions. OMG. Sometimes after a day of baby wrangling/holding/comforting I just want a breather. But then the nightly clusterfeeding frenzy begins and my couch time with babe attached to boob begins and sometimes goes on for hours and hours.

- Baby allergies.  It is so sad and annoying.  She is so mucusy/snorting but I really can't do anything for her and it sucks.  And it really sucks around 4 or 5 am when she can't fall asleep because she needs to be propped up and the best place to be propped up is my arm, in my bed.

- People who know how to raise my kid better than me.  No, she is not fussy because she is gassy.  She is fussy because she wants me to hold her and not you.  Yes, she DOES need to sleep, please do not try to keep her awake so she sleeps better at night.  That is not how it works.  I do not need a break from my kid, if you want to hold her just ask, don't say, "lets give mommy a break." Trust me, if I needed a break I would take one, don't act like it's too much for me to hold my own kid.

Reasons I love this week..

- My girl is smiling more and most definitely loves to be held and comforted by me.

- I get extra cuddles from my snotty baby, even if she is miserable.

- I get to see my best-friend and go out on the lake with her this weekend.

- 4th of July is my favorite holiday!

- I started tutoring again, which means MONEY FOR ME!

- The weather has finally been summerish since yesterday and I am haaaaapy.

What is on your wine/love list? Don't forget to check out Nora's page and link up!

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