Friday, November 10, 2017

Currently: November

::dusts off the space and settles in:::  Miss me?  It’s been awhile….   I have a new job.  Was an unplanned new opportunity and in the meantime has sucked all of my time, energy and spirit.  Sounds depressing, but as much as I seek change, I don’t do well in the midst of it.  And basically everything with this change is one step forward is 324234 steps backward and nothing goes correctly the first time.  So challenging.  But I keep reminding myself, my mama did not raise a quitter.  That said, let’s try jumping back with something simple….

Reading:  I am supposed to be reading Crimes Against a Book Club for book club, but I got a few pages in and I’m not feeling it.  So I am thinking of starting The Lost Girls by Lee Smith.  I’ve been flying through books lately.

Loving:  snuggles with my best girl

Feeling:  stressed to the max 

Thinking:  about how cold I am. 

Anticipating: our spring break trip to Washington D.C.  I’m so excited.  It’s not a beach, which I wanted but we had to move up our family trip to D.C. because the person we are visiting is about to be transferred to Germany so we wanted to take a family trip while they were still there. 

Watching:  right this second, last night’s Late Show.  I love Colbert. 

for the mom of my kiddos friend.  She is so nice, fun and helpful.  And her name is my name too!

ugh.  I’m starting a program and there are challenges.  Lots of challenges.

I am still enjoying all the Crooked Media podcasts and am sooo behind on all my podcasts.  But I listen every day in the car for sure.

for an impeachment.

What are you reading, loving and grateful for these days