Friday, July 1, 2011

10th Anniversary

If you've read my blog for awhile, you know I kind of get obsessed with series and authors and fly  through the series or the authors works quickly.  The Women's Murder Club is no exception.  I first read the series in the summer of 2009 and quickly caught up.  Now, I have to wait til once a year when James Patterson releases a new one.

In 10th anniversary, Sargent Lindsey Boxer gets married and enters baby fever.  Ironically, she has a case where a 15 year old girl is found by the side of the road bleeding, having recently given birth.  But there is no baby.  Cue, Lindsey and her partner attempting to find the baby while dealing with a 15 year olds many lies on the situation.  Enter an all girlz biker club, a potential serial rapist who is drugging his victims that Cindy is investigating and a murder trial Yuki is trying, you have quite the excitement.

I enjoyed the book, it was a quick read and easy to pick up and set down during nursing/naps/quick chances to read.  I still am in love with the series, but wish I could remember what had happened in the last book, since it's been a year!

Do you have a close group of friends that meet weekly/monthly or yearly? Do you and your friends have a spot that you always meet?

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!!!

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