Thursday, June 9, 2011

Addicted to Tv..

It's almost obnoxious how much television I watch.  I never watched a ton of tv growing up or in college, but it seems as soon as my husband and I bought our house and "grew up" we turned into tv watchers. 

I think television took over from the other stuff that once kept us busy: sports, part-time jobs, school work, hanging out with friends, working out, etc.  We officially hit old ate ages 23-24 and would come home, eat dinner and veg on the couch. 

Most days our tv is on from the time we get up until we go to bed if we are home.  That is sad people and I don't think I can change!!! There are so many good television shows out there! (And probably part of the reason why I am always trying to lose weight, the pull of the couch and tv!!) We claim to be exhausted and it's so easy to just fall onto the couch with a laptop and the tv to entertain us all evening. 

We even go to bed with the tv on.  We are a sad sad lot.  I mean Jon Stewart has been a standby for years and we have to go to bed to wake up early, so Jon comes to bed with us.  Then Colbert comes on after and these days we tend to eevn forget to hit the sleep timer.  Whoops.

I don't want Isla to grow up watching a ton of tv, but I don't want to live with my tv off! I like tv! I love it! I need it! I also can't stand it to be quiet which is part of the reason I have it on all day.  I don't even watch all the shows anymore, I just need the noise.  So sometimes I use music, but tv is easy to turn on and zone out too. 

I have a problem and I really don't want to fix it, even though I know I need to fix it! I seem to add new shows daily and Netflix doesn't help that nor does having on-demand.

Some shows I would suggest to those of you who would like new shows or want to add to their tv addictions?

 Law & Order SVU or Law & Order regular re-runs LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Funny story, the class my husband and I had together in college would finish right before 10pm and we would rush back to his apartment to watch it every week. ;)

In Plain Sight, Rookie Blue, Army Wives, Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Archer, Burn Notice, Boardwalk Empire and I'm sure there are others that I can't remember...

It's sad.  I could find something to watch 24/7 and can typically tell you when shows are on.  I need a life! Or a break from my tv.

Anyone else hopelessly addicted??? Or do you all have better lives than me?

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