Monday, June 27, 2011

I, Alex Cross

So, I did it again.  I jumped back into an Alex Cross book.  It was pretty good.  A bit gruesome, but it was fast paced and kept me interested.  What didn't work for me? The voice of Alex.  It just gets on my nerves.  Like he is so self-important and some of his inner dialogue is plain obnoxious.  Of course, I still go back and read the books, but that's cuz I am a succccker.  A friend and I were discussing this, and I made the statement that it proves to me what a good writer James Patterson is, because it annoys me but I keep reading, and that the Women's Murder Club series doesn't irk me in that way, but it does irk me in others.  But Patterson, knows how to keep you coming back.

In this book, Alex's niece is found murdered/mutilated and of COURSE he has to take the case.  Screw protocol, screw state lines, screw chain of commands, he is on the case.  Of course he is.  His investigation leads to a sex club that caters to the very wealthy and well connected DC area gentlemen and ladies.  Escorts are coming up missing/dead and all seem to be connected to a mysterious guy referred to as Zeus.

The Secret Service, FBI and Alex Cross are all involved and as long as you don't think of how a real investigation like this would go, it's a good read. ;)

Do you keep reading books by an author or in a series that you really should just stop?

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