Friday, June 3, 2011

Something Borrowed - Discussion 1

Hello all and welcome to June's Group Read! I am going to struggle with this between juggling a newborn and what not so I apologize if I don't post the most awesome posts. ;) Hopefully, next week Nora's post will be amazing and all that jazz. ;)  Everyone is welcome to participate and even if you haven't read the book or if you read it awhile ago, we always like it when people weigh in! ;) I will be honest.. I only got thru chapter 3.  Because I still don't have the book.  Eeek.

“You know, Rachel, who cares what day of the week we turn thirty?” she said, shrugging a smooth, olive shoulder. “We’ll be old by then. Birthdays don’t matter when you get that old.”
hahahaha... 30 is so old.

I am kind of shocked at how Dex and Rachel hooked up, I assumed going into the book that they would wake up the next day because they had been black out drunk or something.  I also think that Rachel's trying to make herself feel better line jury/trial scenario was a litttle slanted in her favor. ;) 

I find it interesting the overlap in the boys between the girls growing up, but also relate because I am from a small town and my BFF and I shared elementary/junior high boyfriends and it was nothing.

1. Did anyone have a friend like Darcy whose stuff always seemed so much cooler? Who was it and how close were you?
2. When you were in 5th grade what did you imagine you would be doing as an adult? Did you have a vision of yourself at a certain age?
3. What is your opinion on Dex? What kind of guy is he?

Next Friday, Nora will be guest posting and covering chapters 8- 13.  If you would like to guest post either of the other 2 weeks let me know!

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