About Me

Hello!  I am finding it insanely hard to write an about me section but I will give it my best shot. ;)

I started this blog to share books that I've read and reading related topics with other people who love to read and talk about books.  Then I kept venturing out into the world of blogs and came across healthy living blogs (that inspire me to eat better and work out more, thanks ladies!), parenting blogs, small business blogs, teaching blogs, craft blogs, every day life blogs, and so on. 

Tidbits about Me

I am mom to a hilarious spunky seven year old. I love reading, football, the beach, traveling, politics, and the internet.

Welcome, to my little slice of the web!

I occasionally will take books for review, if they sound interesting to me.  I will post my own feelings on them, positive or negative.  If you have an opportunity you would like to share with me please contact me at manythoughtsofareader at gmail dot com .  Anything spammy will be ignored.