Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4 weeks

Well holy crap, my baby is 4 weeks old! Her sleep schedule continues to randomly change and it doesn't seem to be changing for the better! She had been giving me a good solid 4 hours and then a 3 hour stretch at night.  The last two nights she has been wide awake from 2-4:30.  She also has become very particular in how she must be put to sleep.  Ughhhhhh.  Just shut your eyes!! ;) She also has been smiling a bit more and playing with her play mat more.  She likes to look around and wants to be my pal 24/7/ 
She still isn't taking a pacifier regularly which sucks cuz sometimes all she needs is something to suck on.  She did finally take a bottle! About an ounce on Saturday when my husband tried it with her and then an ounce from my mom today.  Yay.

She is at least 10 pounds and at least 21 inches now.  Not sure on specifics.  We go back on the 1st for our next check up!

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