Friday, June 17, 2011

Something Borrowed - Discussion 3

Howdy all! Today we are going over Chapters 14-19.  Any and all are free to comment and even if you have just seen the movie and not read the book, we like your input too.  Though, in my opinion one should always read the book of a movie you see, otherwise you miss out on stuff. 

Anywhooo... I am sadly kind of liking Dex a little more.  In the beginning he sounded like a huge douche and now I kind of like him.  I do feel for both him and Darcy too, which is odd because you would think I would be angry at them and be like DUDE you are both horrible for each other and honestly, I cannot believe they both cheated on each other.  Kind of funny.

I also enjoy that our section ended kind of on a cliff hanger with Rachel finally growing some balls and demanding something out of Dex.  Rachel, is also kind of growing on me, but I feel more sad for her than anger.  And really, she needs to cut Darcy out cuz she isn't a very good friend.

Also, Hillary? Cracking me up.

Now some questions!

1. What do you think of the Marcus/Rachel situation? Or the fact that he was out on a date with another lady?

2. What do you think about Darcy cheating on Dex? Is karma finally not on Darcy's side since she lost her ring? Do you think Darcy even suspects that Dex is cheating on her or ever would?

3. Do you think if Darcy or another character narrated this story it would be as good or the same story? Who would you want to narrate the story?

4. What was your take on the dice? Anyone wonder why Darcy didn't make the Dex connection to the Altoid box?

Thanks for participating! Next week we will discuss through the end of the book! Check back on Saturday, I will put up on the sidebar a poll for July's read.  Which, if you have not suggested something do so before then! Have a great weekend!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

1. I think it's dumb that she called him in a moment if weakness. And then kissed him. She is just sort of a train wreck.

2. Yes I think karma is at work here. No pity for her whatsoever!!

3. I think it's best to have Rachel or dex narrate. I can't stand Darcy so i could not read a book narrates by her (as the sequel is).

4. I can be a superstitious person so I sort of get the dice thing.