Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 Weeks

So we have lived through the 2 week growth spurt and I think we have survived the 3 week growth spurt.  And who the heck calls these growth spurts when they happen like every week? Dude, just call it infants will do what they want when they want. :P
Yesterday, she was up from like 7-2 and ate a lot.  Then she had a nice  nap and ate a lot and was up for awhile and then slept from 10-2.. then 3-4 and then 4:30-6.  She typically has been sleeping from 9ish to 1ish and then the rest of the night is a who knows what.  But could be up at 3 and 5 to eat and then up at 7 for awhile.

As long as we keep getting one 4 hour spurt I will be a happy lady because that means I generally get 2-3 hours of sleep at a time.

She is wearing her 3 month clothes now, but I can fit in some newborn stuff still.  She is wearing Size 1 diapers and I am finding Huggies to be my fave.  Target brand, leaked twice and seemed to big and Pampers seemed to big for her.  But, I am just using what I stocked up on before she was born.

She will not take a paci, still hasn't had a bottle and is still sucking away like crazy at my boob via a nip shield.

Today she visited the farmer's market, her great-grandpa, her great-aunt and went shopping at Kohls.  She gets to meet her aunt and her cousin tomorrow.  It's been a busy week!

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