Tuesday, September 14, 2021


 I am so tired.  I am tired of people calling research shit videos they find on the internet.  I'm tired of people believing crap and then dying from the consequences of that crap.  I'm so sick and tired of the worry I have every single day I send my kid to school.  I'm sick and tired of worrying over what could happen to my children because someone else is doing something stupid.  I'm sick and tired of having to think through 34234324 steps in attempting groceries or any errand because I have a young child that I do not want to take inside any establishment.  I'm sick and tired of people calling the steps my child is taking to protect herself and her sister as child abuse.  I'm sick and tired of people thinking that they can do anything they want because of "rights."  I'm sick and tired of people refusing every single protection they could be doing to help others out.  I'm sick and tired of telling my child that no she can't do swim right now because "people."  I'm so tired. 

It didn't have to be like this.