Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Recap of 2014

I know I don't share an awful lot of personal information on the blog but I thought I'd share some of my best moments of this crazy busy year.  I'd say it was average.  It was a freezing winter, an awesome spring break, a fabulous summer vacation, a very trying work related fall, a busy holiday season and a lot of trying, rewarding and amazing parenting moments.  This year has been by far my favorite year with my daughter so far.  I love the person she is, her sense of humor and her caring ways.  It makes the trying stuff okay to handle when I know that I am raising a world changer right in my house.

January --- The month of reading and working out

I started out my spring break weight loss challenge for work strong and recorded multiple weeks of workouts.  I am hoping to challenge this same motivation this year as I just got a fitbit and I am going to do a mileaday challenge for the month of January to get me started.

I also read a ton of books! Two Sarah Jio's, Orphan Train, and The Abduction all which were some of my better reads of the year! I read a fabulous YA book, Something like New and it was super cold so that would be why I read read read!

February - The month of frigid temperatures and more reading

I did a lot of reading this month too! I sure started out the year strong and then I stalled out around August when I started getting the back to work blues.

I wrote a post about Discouragement that resonated with a few people, visited the local library's used book sale again and was introduced to Dick Wolf's books, which I recommend!

March - Where I entered a new decade

Butterfly Exhibit beginning of the month

 Nashville on a road trip

 lunch in Alabama
lunch in Alabama

playing on our road trip

 I attempted to do a day in the life and imagine that, I got distracted... life of a teacher!

April - Took a road trip (which technically part of it happened in march ahha)

 Gulf of Mexico - I WANNA GO BACK!
Nap time, every day... with a book and a beer... ahhh

<3 p="">
Had a blast driving from Michigan to Florida with my fam! We ate lots of good things, and spent lots of time on the beach!

Easter - 2014

May - The beginning of the crazy

Memorial Day
 Someone turned 3

Working on her alphabet

Had to start taking breaks from the blog's group read and only posted 3 times the whole month.  The end of the school year was crazy and well crap happens. 

June - SUMMMER!!!

We threw a retirement party at our house for my mother in law and we went camping for 8 days! Weekly library trips returned and summer fun was had!

July - Boating/Camping 11th anniversary!

The 4th of July marked the 11th year that I've known my husband.  We met on the 4th of July so we celebrated how we've done all the other ones, back on the lake where we met! Had a blast (too much fun ha).  We took a long weekend camping trip to the Thumb and more library trips were had as well as outdoor summer lunches with my girl!  Oh and we saw James Taylor in concert! I also read probably my favorite book of the year, I'll be Seeing You, well maybe I read it at the end of June but I posted about it in July!  I also had a successful day in the life share and read a lot of fun books!

August - The month that sucked

I mean it wasn't allll bad but I had a lot of anxiety, didn't read a lot and got lots of disappointing news.  So I don't really remember the good.  Except I did road trip with my husband and sister in law to see Jimmy Bufett and we took a day trip to Chicago .

September - back to work and grumbles

My daily commute started bugging me but I did get to see Journey in concert with my best-friend, college football and farmers market trips took over my weekends and I wished for summer again.

 October - College football fun and road trips

Work sucked and I spent two weekends away.  One to Louisville for a friend's wedding and another down to Columbus for a football game!  Also did pumpkin patch and boo at the zoo with the kiddo. I also got my second stitch fix, which i loved!

November - Tailgating fun

We spent a fun weekend child free that included a date night out and tailgating for the OSU vs MSU game in East Lansing.  

December - alll things Christmas with the 3 year old

This year Christmas time was fun.  We visited the Santa House, decorated and decorated and read tons of Christmas books while we moved an advent calendar every night.  The excitement was very real here! She just looooves Santa and she is so glad he came to her house! (after she got over the initial weirdness about a stranger leaving her presents (smart child) ).

I hope your 2015 is all that you hope and want it to be.  Live well, laugh often and have fun!

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