Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Letter to My Morning Grumble Grumble

Dear Mr. Big Truck Hauling a Boat,
You sir pulled right out in front of me while I was going 55 miles per hour on a state highway.(Okay, more like 60).  There was NOBODY behind me.  You then proceeded to pull your precious dinky fishing boat the half mile to the local fast food eatery at a snails pace and then pulled in without a turn signal.  I will let you know, that you made me slam on my brakes made my THREE year old yell WHOA and annoyed me greatly.  Seriously, THERE WAS NO ONE BEHIND ME.  I WAS RIGHT THERE.  Wait 30 seconds and annoy no one.  I hope you drive your boat better than your truck.  Watch out for the stumps.


(P.S.  I have the road rage bad, especially in the morning. Do not talk to me until my coffee is digested.)

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