Sunday, December 7, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

Last weekend I opened my third Stitch Fix package! It is addicting.  I can't wait to see what I'm going to open.  I'll admit that as soon as I get the email that my box has been shipped I do go look in my cart to see what is coming my way and try to google or use pinterest to see what colors or what it may appear like.  Sometimes I can find similar items but I still don't always know what color or what it will specifically look like but it's enough of a tease to keep me excited!  Plus, I can start thinking about what I may want to keep or send back before I even get the items. ;)

I had requested a bag and they sent this gorgeous tote.  I liked it since I normally go for large bags but I didn't like that it didn't have a zipper on the top.  I am too klutzy to not have a zipper with a bag that large! It had a insert pouch that was a decent size but it wasn't love at first sight nor something I neeeeeded so I returned this.

This dress I loved.  I had pinned the exact one on my Pinterest board and my stylist sent it.  For a dress it was a miracle that it fit my boobs, was a perfect length, everything! But.... my butt looked rather large in back.  So it was a no go.  It did look super cute with leggings and my boots and probably a cardigan would have made it awesome too but I know me and it wasn't a winner.  Maybe if the chevron did not include white I would have been a fan.  As you can see, I had a playing dress up 'helper'.   Also, disregard my hair, I had no makeup on nor did I do my hair, since it was a Sunday.

I debated on this sweater.  It was a pinkish color and I need new sweaters like this, but it just seemed to make feel boxier or something.  It may have been from what I had available to try on underneath it at the time.  But I did like it.  I used to own a similar styled sweater once and I think if I was also the same weight as then I would have liked it.  But my boobs are like whoa and that is about all the positives and that is not really a positive.   And once again my helper.

In my last fix, I was sent a shirt that I really liked.  It was a green dolman styled top with thin black stripes.  I liked it but it was much too big.  So they sent me this blue with black hints one in a size smaller. This is not the most flattering picture and I need to clean my mirror from my helper (ha) but I really ended up liking it.  It makes my eyes pop and it's comfy and casual.  Something I need in my wardrobe.  I ended up keeping this one.

There was another shirt that I didn't even bother taking a picture of.  I had it also pinned on my Pinterest board and in theory it was cute.  Until it was on me.  Then it was a hot mess.  The top was cute and laid nice over my boobs and arms but it crossed over/ cinched on the side and went to a different print and it just accentuated my stomach area which was not good.  So it did not win a photo haha.

Overall I've been very pleased with what I've been sent.  It's been nice to slowly get newer nicer items into my wardrobe and I am going to continue scheduling fixes every now and then.  Right now I am pretty much doing about every other month and that seems to be about what I'll keep up for now.  It is so convenient to be sent to my house, try on, and send right back out! For 20 bucks to give a shot at clothes, it's as good as driving to a decent mall by me to attempt the same!

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try use this link to sign up and see what it's all about.  And get me a store credit if you do happen to schedule a fix! ;) Otherwise, it's just my opinion and my dollars at paying for these clothes.

Do you use Stitch Fix? Do you have a problem finding sweaters you like? How many undershirts do you own?

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