Thursday, July 24, 2014

A day in the life: Summer Edition

7:17 - Mama.. mama... I need Mama...  We ge up and go to the bathroom and a certain three year old asks if she can get Daddy's remote so she can watch Dora.  I say yes and stumble out to make coffee while she gets the remote.

7:30 - 9ish We watch Dora and Olivia.  Our new favorites in this house.  I think Olivia may be a bad idea but so far no negative effects of that one.  I made Isla her usual breakfast which is two waffles and a side of fruit.  This morning the fruit consists of green grapes she picked out as her 'treat' at the grocery store this week and some pineapple leftover from dinner.  I had a cup of coffee.  We get dressed, play a memory game and I mess around on the Internet.

9ish - We go on a walk and we were going to stop at the park next to our house but they were mowing the lawn and my child HATES lawn mowers so she decided we should go home and play.  We played on her swing for approximately 5 minutes until I talked about checking the garden and she wanted to do that too, right then.  So we picked 2 zucchini and 2 sugar snap peas to snack on until they started mowing by our yard and she freaked out and we had to go play inside.  We played one more memory game and then she watched a Dora while I got ready to go story time at Barnes  & Noble.

10:50 We get there a little early so of course we have to play at the train set.  And then she found all the Dora stuff so we had to look at all of those books.  I can't stand Barnes & Nobles blatant commercial marketing at the train table area.  They put all the crap books aka character books and toys right there, almost forcing toddlers into tantrums and meltdowns on the daily.  Boo to you Barnes & Noble and also boo to you about your seriously overpriced books.  Anywho, at 11:00 we had a minor meltdown when I told her it was time to go to story time and promised we would be back after story time and reminded her that we came BECAUSE of story time.  Now, I haven't been to story time there in about a year (last August) because of work.  We used to love it.  They had great interactive books and a craft or a coloring sheet and a snack for the kids.  Well they had a new girl doing it and she read a Batman book.  And she read a Batman book HORRIBLY.  I was so annoyed.  One, Batman is not great literature and if you ARE going to read a violent Batman book to a bunch of toddlers at least DO IT RIGHT and good.  I told my husband later that she was trying to beat him out on the worst read aloud reader ever.  The point of read alouds are hooking kids.  That did not hook anyone.  Not even kids who liked Batman.  Another thing that irritated me was that apparently now they want to take kids pictures and put them on their facebook page.  Yeah, no.  I did not sign a consent that went around and got us out of there before they had some Batman costumes for kids to try on. I saw a sign about video taping in that area and basically it said that you consented to being video taped if you were in that area.  I didn't read it too closely and don't know if it meant that story time is recorded or what, but that may very well be the last time I go to Barnes & Noble story time.  /endrant

picture of a book I sent to my friend while at Barnes& Noble

11:20 - Isla read all the Dora books and then had to read allllll the Elmo books while I checked out some books that I want for my classroom (Llama, Llama misses Mama (can't remember if I have that), Don't Push the Button, Dragons Love Tacos...) we miraculously left without purchasing a book and no tantrums.  Stupid character books.

12:00 We arrived at our local gardens just in time for their lunch time music.  Sadly, we missed out on the free hot dogs that they were apparently giving away for national hot dog day. (They ran out as we walked in).  But Isla doesn't really like hot dogs and I didn't want one, so I guess it wasn't all that sad. ;) The guy singing was decent and played a lot of songs from the 60s/tv jingles and popular oldies so that was nice.  Isla enjoyed a PBJ, cheese stick, grapes/raspberries, fruit snack and teddy grahams and I munched on a cheese stick, grapes/raspberries and some broccoli salad.

1:00 He went on intermission and I convinced Isla he was done and it was time to go home for a nap.  One memory game and some library books later she was down for a nap around 1:45.

1:45 - Zucchini is coming out of our ears so I cut one  up and put some spaghetti sauce on top and then some pizza toppings and covered with mozzarella cheese and popped in the oven.  It was delicious!  Then I watched a Rizzoli & Isles episode, caught up on some Internet, started a Pretty Little Liars episode and just about the time I went to start reading a book she woke up because she rolled over and bonked her head in bed.

4:00 Cuddled with Isla and watched an episode of Olivia.  Then we turned on music and colored some Mickey Mouse pictures and Isla played with playdough while I read my book.  Then Isla had a snack of green pepper and grapes.

5:00 I started making baked chicken fingers, so I got to cut up chicken breasts and put the breading on them.  Then I decided to try out the zucchini tots recipe I found and got those ready to go.  With my multiple interruptions from my 'helper' I had it in the oven about 5:50.

6:10sh We ate the baked chicken fingers, zucchini tots, broccoli and cottage cheese for dinner.

7-7:30 We played memory again, Isla did playdough again and we read library books.

7:30 I went on a bike ride and did about 2ish miles but it was breezy and I got chilly so I headed home.  I saw two rabbits and about 5 HUGE turkeys.

8 -We played Doggy Doggy Where's Your Bone and Isla did more playdough and I read my book.

8:30 Isla got her pjs on and we each read books and then she went to the bathroom and went to bed.

9 - 9:30 I played around on my phone while I half watched an episode of Graceland with my husband.

9:30 - 1030 I read Double Dip by Gretchen Arched on the couch.

10:30 - 11:30 I read in my bed.

11:30 Lights out.

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