Monday, March 17, 2014

A Day in the Life Fail...

I've been meaning to do one of things again for awhile and then I'd be midway through the day and remember or just forget completely.  So, one day last week I was GOING to do it.  I even got myself to work early and caught up and then my day of work started and then I never got back to it.. So, instead of a DAY in my life, I present to you an early morning before work in my life.. ;)
5:59 - Wake myself up from snoring.  Whoops.

6:15 - Alarm goes off.  Lay there a minute and wish there was a snow day.  I'm tired.

6:17 - Bathroom, teeth brushing, get dressed.  Return to bathroom to see what can be done with my hair and do makeup.

6:32 - Start the coffee and make my lunch.  Yesterday I made a delicious salad so I am thinking it sounds good again today.  Spinach, green beans, pea pods, strawberries, sunflower nuts, red pepper and balsamic vinaigrette.  An orange on the side.

6:40  Get my stuff around and ready to walk out the door.  Tel my husband I don't want to be an adult today, I just want to sleep in my bed.  He reminds me that our daughter probably has to pee and to go wake her up.  I whine about not wanting to be an adult.

6:45  Get daughter out of bed.  She hides under blankets.  Claims no pee, no pee, no pee.  Yep, she totally peed in the pull-up last night.  Oh well, I don't expect her to be dry over night yet, but the night before she did and she's stubborn enough to keep the trend up!  Get her dressed, pick the underwear out she will take to daycare, pick her barrette and then she puts her guys (cookie and big bird) in her bag and her underwear so she can meet me in the bathroom and do her hair and teeth.

6:55 -I pour my coffee, hand the child her hat, grab my stuff and get my car out of the garage.  My husband gets her coat and boots on (that she can do herself but in the morning her daddy HAS to do it) and then they meet me in the car.

7:01 - Pull out of driveway.  On the drive to daycare have a very interesting conversation about who she will play with and what she will do.  She tells me she is hiding from  'gaga's work' (we pass my mom's office on the way) and then she answers my question.  "What is my name? 'emwee' What is daddy's name? Annthee.  What is your name? I-ya.  What is your last name? She answered correctly.  What is your middle name? She answers correctly.  And she then answered the name of the road daycare is on.  Smart girl.  When she wants to cooperate.

7:18  Pull into daycare.  We are way ahead today but that is good.  Drop her off, share her toilet successes with daycare and pull out.

7:29  Get to work.

7:33 Get into my classroom.  Take down chairs, get books ready, get the kids literacy bag, and take picture of coffee.  NEEED.  Put lunch away.  Grab my Kashi Chocolate Almond Sea Salt bar and sit down to write this up.
The day totally went to hell because my husband called me at 9:00 am because his truck stopped working on the way to work and that day ended up in a lot of phone tag trying to figure out how we were going to get him home since he works 40 minutes from our house and I work 50 minutes from his work in the other direction.  And I had a parent conference and a staff meeting/training that lasted until 9:30 that night.  It was a loooong day.

Do you do things in the same order every morning?

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