Monday, November 10, 2014

Fun Weekend

I had such a great weekend it was one of those that you need a Monday off to recover.  If only...

My parents invited Isla over for a sleepover on Friday so I picked her up from daycare and dropped her at my parents after I was out of work.  Then I stopped by a friend's house to visit with her because she had an AWFUL fall and hurt her trachea/larynx, eye and broke 6 ribs!!!! She is so lucky to be okay.  I also feel bad for her because her daughter-in-law's mom passed away today and she feels horrible that she can't travel out of state to be with her son and his family right now.  So if you could keep my dear sweet friend in your thoughts I'd appreciate it.

After I visited with her I headed home and we got to pretend like it was 2010 before children again.  We relaxed, changed clothes and got ready for dinner out with our bff! It was so fun.  We ate dinner and chatted and then the husband and I hit up the store for supplies for our Saturday fun and then we went to our local taproom and had a drink before we headed home.

The reason we were very responsible on Friday was because we had a VERY long day of tailgating and attending the Ohio State vs. Michigan State football game in East Lansing! I was so pumped.  I am a lifelong buckeye fan who attended MSU.  So there is never a sad outcome.  Well, lets be real.  I do get sad when OSU loses.  I can't help it.  I always wear both my colors and whichever team is at home is the team color I wear outwardly.

the first layer.. well really there is a long sleeve shirt under here too.. IT WAS COLD!!!

 I'm sure people thought I was crazy in Spartan Stadium in my MSU gear cheering on my buckeyes. We got in to E.L.  about 12:30 and were in our parking lot by 12:52 even though the lot was supposed to open at 1:00.  We tailgated with some family and friends and it was a VERY fun day since the game started at 8:00.  I love college football and I love Big Ten campuses on Saturday's in the fall!

us with my dad's osu friends who came up for the game!

The Buckeyes prevailed and it was amazing.  I was shocked.  I honestly thought MSU was going to do the butt kicking. 

a view from our seats early in the game..

We didn't get home until after 2:00 and I was exhausted.  Especially since our darling was dropped back off home at 8:45 by my in laws.  Because oh yeah, my kid grandparent hopped over the weekend. ;) It was a fun fun time.  I spent most of Sunday recuperating on the couch.  Mainly because I woke up with an out of whack neck on Thursday that has NOT fully recovered.  Today was the first day I didn't require medicine or a heating pad to get out of bed.  Hoping tomorrow is even better!

What was your weekend highlight?

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