Thursday, April 10, 2014

What we did on Vacation

Ate, drank, laid on the beach, played Cards Against Humanity (BEST GAME EVER!!!!), and repeat.

Seriously, we spent almost all of our time in the sand on the beach or on the awesome deck looking at the beach/water, taking walks, drinking, eating or hanging with our friends playing games or catching Big Bang Theory reruns.  So relaxing, so enjoyable.  I want to be on vacation for ever.

Basically, we woke up around 7:15ish courtesy of the 2.5 year old.  Then we'd try to keep her quiet for awhile and feed her a bit and then head off on a walk.  Then do some playing inside or on the deck until it was time for the beach.  We'd go down to the beach and spend about 2-3 hours with the kid until it was her nap time.  Then we'd head up and get her ready and then make a quick lunch for ourselves and head back down to the beach for awhile or head to the deck and enjoy some alone time reading and laying in the sun.  Then shower and get dressed for the day.  When the kid got up, we'd get dinner around and then we played outside for a bit or out for ice cream or a nightly walk.  Then we sat around and drank, played games, watched tv, read books and then passed out early every night.  It was amazing.

approximately 30 minutes after we got to the beach house

 the little blob is my husband in his kayak

 my nap time reading view from our deck

 doing her thing

my model cheesing it up.. of course for the ACTUAL real picture time she was having NONE of it

I love this picture


she stayed here for over an hour doing this.  by herself and with the occasional adult helper.  her favorite game was taking turns running into the waves and back again.

the life..

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 the perfect view from the perfect house on the perfect vacation..
Okay, now I need to plan our next spring break trip! We got insanely lucky and only had to split a cleaning fee with our friends to stay here.  Probably will never beat the price of this vacation but now that we've done it, I don't think I can stop! Where would you recommend for a family friendly spring break destination? Must have a beach.  Ideally, I'd love to hit up Key West but that probably will not be happening for awhile!

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