Monday, June 18, 2012

When The Bough Breaks

I'm all about books with series.  Probably, because when I finish a book, I hate to be done with those characters.  I want to continue on into the ever after with them.

I'd heard about Johnathon Kellerman and that he had a series, so last week when I was at the library I picked up the first three in his Alex Delaware series.

Alex is a psychologist who has retired at the ripe old age of 33.  Yeah, he's rich, smart and lazes around in retirement.  His friend Milo is a detective that he met when Milo was investigating a suicide victim in Delaware's office.  In this book, Milo wants Dr. Delaware to meet with a young girl and see if he can get her to help relay the details from a murder in her apartment complex.

Shit gets crazy and he goes from one end of LA to another following leads.  With no experience working for the police he seems to know what to do and does it, without mentioning it to the REAL detective.

The book moved fast and it just was only slightly annoying how he connected all the pervs into a row and solved the crime.  I did find two spelling errors and that always irks me.

Also, it cracks me up that this series started in the 80s.  In the time of no cell phones/Internet and being able to just lie about who you were with no one able to quickly google you to find out that yes, indeed you are lying.

Overall, I think I will enjoy the series.  I liked it better than Alex Cross and less than Rizzoli & Isles.

Have you read the Alex Delaware series?

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