Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First Day of Summer Vacation..

Yesterday was my first day home all day with Isla.  I've been looking forward to/ freaking out about this for a few months.  I think we rocked our first solo day.

I woke up around 8 and read some in bed, she woke up around 8:30.  We nursed, ate breakfast.  She had an egg, banana, bread, milk and a few bites of strawberries.  I had a glass of water and strawberries.  Then we got dressed and headed over to visit my dad.

I've had light issues with my car for months and yesterday my dad finally helped me out.  We only needed one MORE trip to town to get an extra light.  I call that success! While he worked, we took a mile walk in the neighborhood and when he finished he took us on a walk around his yard and he pointed out his garden to Isla and then we dipped her toes in the chilly lake.

All this outdoor time tired the munchkin out so we headed home and she took a TWO HOUR NAP. Woo woo.  While she napped I warmed up jambalaya and sipped on a Pepsi while catching up on blog reading. 

She woke up and I gave her a lunch of some chicken noodle soup, red peppers, cheese, tortilla and water.  We chatted and then we played and she was very antsy and the weather looked like rain so instead of going next door to the park, we headed to the library.  I needed to pick up One Summer for our book club and Still Alice for my Books & Bars book club.  I found One Summer and then we headed down to the kids area so she could play with the toys down there, I read her a couple books and we got her signed up for the summer reading program.

We headed home and she climbed on top of the laundry basket, fell off and decided she wanted cuddle time.  So we cuddled and then she started yawning so she went down for ANOTHER nap. 

Then my husband came home, we re-heated leftovers, I broke a bowl, and then I headed out the door to grocery shop.

She hung out with her daddy and by the time I came home she was fast asleep.

I think we did good!

Now here's to the rest of summer break!

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