Friday, June 22, 2012

Some fun on a Friday...

I grabbed this from Lisa. Have a great weekend!!

Maybe I should clean my house.
I love summer afternoons in the pool.
People would say that I’m a reader.
I don’t understand why everyone doesn't think like me.  I'm always right, duhh.
When I wake up in the morning I hope for a few moments of adjusting to the day by myself.
I lost my driver's license at my best-friends bachlorette party.
Life is full of surprises
My past is full of
wild times.
I get annoyed when
people want to take rights away from my vagina and my child's vagina.
Parties are a lot of work, but a lot of fun.
I wish I had more time.
Dogs are
annoying, but better than cats.
Cats are creepy.
Tomorrow I’m hopefully going to a park and to a grocery store and maybe the library.
I have low tolerance for ignorance.
I’m totally terrified of
wild boars.
I wonder why I
am so awesome.  Oh wait...
Never in my life have I
sky dived.
High school was
When I’m nervous
I twirl my laugh or nervous giggle or say really stupid funny stuff.
One time at a family gathering
I peed my pants because I was having too much fun playing with my cousins outside and couldn't get out of my outfit in time.  Dang one piece outfits.
Take my advice: Read to your kids.  Every day.  From conception til graduation. ;)  I can't rattle of the stats but basically 20 minutes a day = a ton of early literacy knowledge and sooo many other skills/shared memories!!!
Making my bed
hasn't happened since about 2007.
I’m almost always
thinking about what time it is.
I’m addicted to
sweet tea.
I want someone to
clean my house for me.

Play along and fill in a couple of the sentences!

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