Monday, June 11, 2012

Hide - Lisa Gardner

Anyone who knows my reading, must have guessed that once I started a new series, I would go full throttle on it! I finished up Hide by Lisa Gardner in a day!  I even made my old self stay up til 1:30 in the morning.  Sadly, I have two book club books that NEED to be read now so I will be taking a small break from Lisa Gardner, reading some David Baldacci and Lisa Genova and I did also pick up the beginning of the Dexter series and the Alex Delaware series by Jonathon Kellerman.

Back on topic..

Hide is the second in the D.D. Warren series and I liked this one even better than the first one.  The case this time was related to the first case where we met D.D, so this meant Bobby Dodge was back as well.  Someone discovered 6 young girls bodies buried in the yard of an abandoned state mental hospital.  The setup was similar to how Richard Umbrio kept Catherine Gagnon and raised the eyebrows of D..D and Bobby.  Was it a copycat? Were these bodies before Catherine? Did he have a partner?

Then the most startling.  The one girl identified of the six, reappears.  She isn't dead, but that name has been dead for over 25 years.  Was she the real target? Was her dad the killer? Is she still in danger?

Annabelle Granger, had her normal life thrown into chaos on a late fall afternoon when her dad told her to grab 2 things and they were leaving.  Never again was she called Annabelle.  They moved to Florida, Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis, all over the country, new names, new stories and Annabelle never knew why. 

She leans on D.D and Bobby to help her figure out WHO has she been afraid of all these years? Is she still in danger?

I liked the fast pace, the introduction of a couple of theories and in the end, I liked the resolution.  That's key for me when I read suspense/crime books.  There needs to be some sort of reality involved even when it is a bit unbelievable! ;)

My only complaint so far with these books is Gardner's tendency to overuse a phrase.   In the FBI profiler series she seemed to say good news/bad news department approximately 234324 times.   In the D.D. Warren series she says 'to the party,' (as in the ME joined the party) approximately 234324 times.

Great series, and perfect for my speed reading summer pace!

What good books have you read recently?

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