Monday, June 25, 2012

Over the Edge

The third book chronicling Alex Delaware has him reunited with a former patient, Jamey Cadmus.  Jamey is an orphan being raised by his aunt and uncle after the early troubled deaths of his parents.  Jamey is a genius (no, really he is in a program at UCLA) when he met Delaware who was in charge of making sure the kids were adjusted.

Jamey calls Dr. Delaware in the middle of the night mumbling about white zombies, plumes and stinkin' earth.  Clearly disturbed and rambling he keeps going until they are abruptly cut off.  Dr. Delaware realizes he is in a hospital from some of Jamey's rambles and gives them a call.  Jamey  appears to have left and his missing until found holding a bloody knife mumbling about white zombies, plumes and the stinking earth.

Apparently, Jamey has been busy being the Lavender Slasher, a high profile killer who has been targeting gay street kids.  Or has he? Alex is in charge of figuring out of the dim cap defense the attorney wants to use will work.  But, will Alex find out that Jamey is pretending? That Jamey is a killer? Or that Jamey is on high drugs?

This was a good book and I was glad that Dr. Delaware wasn't found backed into a room with no exits as the previous books had him.  Leads a bit more credibility to the series. ;)  Also, I like how I pointed out it reminds me of the Alex Cross series and he takes care of his woman (Robin) like Alex Cross takes care of his lady friends.  And he enjoys cooking.  Like, Alex Cross.  Interesting.  I like the writing of these books better.  Sorry, James Patterson.

One thing that does bother me, is that there seems to be an undertone in his books about everyone picking on homosexuals, except Alex.  He always seems quiet on the matter, but everyone else goes on and on about the deviants.  It's a little disturbing.

Great, quick, read!

Have you dealt with drug use in a loved one?

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