Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blood Test

The second book in the Alex Delaware series by Jonathon Kellerman, flew by.  In this installment, Alex is contacted by Dr. Melendez-Lynch, an oncologist, whom Alex used to work with.  He wants Alex to talk to a family and help impress the importance of getting their sick son help.  The family wants no treatment and to take the boy home, but his cancer is very treatable and nothing the doctors say seem to convince the family. 

Then, the boy is whisked out of the hospital and the family can't be found anywhere.  Alex asks his friend Milo for help and we are off on another mystery with Dr. Delaware.

There are a lot of characters introduced and it appears like the theme of this book is that not a single one of them is a good person! We have the good doctor who is super manic (saw that coming!), the social worker who drinks too much and is obsessed with running, a resident who is obviously high on drugs, glorified prostitutes, an abusive ex-husband, a weird cult (is there a normal one??), and perverted old men. 

Also, Alex apparently thinks he can just break into places and do what he pleases even though he is just a psychologist.  He reminds me of Alex Cross (weird they are both Alex's) that appear they are above the law and are awesome and can do what they want.

I am obviously being super critical, but these are just things that bug me.

I read it for a quick thrill and it delivered.

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