Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crane Park

In my adventures to tackle as many local parks as possible this month, we started off Monday morning at Crane Park.

It is at the end of a quiet no outlet road in town and it looked like it used to have a sign to designate it as a park but there was just a rusty pole there with a short sidewalk that led into a quiet oasis.

It was a little over an acre or under an acre of grassy open area with 3 regular swings and 1 baby swing.  There was also a tall slide that we didn't use.  It was a real peaceful place and the neighborhood looked really nice.  We heard a TON of birds and saw a few squirrels run through.

It was well maintained and nobody else popped in while we were there.  Isla enjoyed the baby swing for about five minutes and then we got on the swing together and then she played in the wood chips for a bit.  It started sprinkling so we left before we could try out the slide together.

I'd recommend this park for young kids, people looking for a place to read or a picnic lunch.  It probably wouldn't entertain older children for very long.  However, I thought it was super clean, nice and introduced me to a sweet little neighborhood in walking distance of the library!

Sorry, I have no pictures of the place.  So you shall have to take my word on it! ;)

What is your favorite thing to do at the park? Has it changed as you've aged?

My fave thing used to be the swings but now they make me realllly dizzy.  I prefer going down the slide or sitting on a bench reading a book!

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