Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reliving Childhood...

As I was pouring the water into my pasta pot yesterday, it got me thinking about summers of my youth.  I remember my mom pouring water into the pasta pot, just like I was doing to hurry up and make dinner in the morning before the heat of the day made the house unbearable.  We didn’t have air conditioning for my first 16 summers.  We ate a lot of cold chicken macaroni salad.

We also do not have central air.  We have a window unit in our living room which is pretty much useless and a GLORIOUS unit in our bedroom that we just got last year.  I love it.  I would marry it but, I’m already spoken for.

We would also spend alllll day down by the lake.  We had a man made beach and we’d spend time laying on towels drying off, sometimes reading a book, sometimes digging, sometimes just digging our toes down deep watching the water.  Occasionally, we’d fish off the dock, but most of the day we spent in the lake.  Floating, swimming, (more like racing each other or coming up with ridiculous games) jumping off the dock and pretending we were in the Olympics.  We’d have to give each other scores.  And of course you never gave anyone else a high score so they wouldn’t beat you! ;)

Yesterday, after our cold chicken macaroni salad was made, we hurried up to get a mile walk in before the heat got too bad and then we jumped in the pool.  My girl only lasted about 20 minutes before she needed a nap, but I was able to enjoy it for 2 (interrupted) hours.  I had two different friends drop by and it was glorious.  I felt refreshed, everybody was smiling and nobody was claimed by the heat!

I am hoping for more summer days like this.

What fond memories of summer do you have?

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