Thursday, June 7, 2012


Okay, before I talk about Gone by Lisa Gardner, I have to let you know that my overactive imagination had me up late the other night.  I have read so many thrillers, read articles/watched tv shows about horrible people doing horrible things.  I made the mistake of looking at the newest addition to the FBI Most Wanted List and convinced myself I had seen him pumping gas earlier in the day.  Then I got out of the shower and my screen in my bedroom had popped out.  And I was in the middle of this super good book.  Yeahhhh, around midnight when it was pitch dark and silent in my house I was completely waiting for this dude to come and kill us all in our sleep.  I need to chill or get on some serious meds!

Anywhoo, Gone by Lisa Gardner is apparently the 5th book about Rainie and Quincy.  Hmpth.  I hate that I read this one first, but can tell you that it doesn't really matter too much! ;)  I wish in the book jackets they would tell you this stuff.  This isn't the first series or author I've been mad when this happens to me.  I mean, goodreads just told me, but I wasn't on goodreads when I was standing in the library looking at books!! Hmpth.

We start the book with Rainie dealing with some terrible nightmares and the knowledge that she is alone.  She ends up going for a drive, pulls into a bar, thinks better of it, ends up on a desolate back road in a downpour crying her eyes out and BAM.  Bright white lights.

Somebody has kidnapped her.  Is it the random cowboy from the parking lot? Is it her estranged husband? Is it a stranger? A serial killer? Someone from her past?

The next morning a note appears at the local paper and it is from the kidnapper, who had obviously planned to kidnap someone because he mailed it before she went missing! He demands money and swears he isn't a monster, he just was fame, fortune and apple pie. ;)

Quincy, ex-FBI profiler that he is, helps out the local police and worries he won't be able to save Rainie from the kidnapper or herself.  His daughter and her boyfriend help out, the local sheriffs office helps, the Oregon State Police runs the show, but in reality, the kidnapper runs them all.

I really liked this book, but I know it's always time to maybe take a break from thrillers or any genre when my practical side says, YEAAAAAAAAAH RIGHT about things that really, as a reader I just have to accept because it is NOT REAL ha.  I have issues with that.

I will most likely eventually get around to reading all of Lisa Gardner's stuff but I won't make the mistake of reading out of order again, I am going to read her books in order, (well after I finish Hide haha).

Do you like to read books in a series in order or do you mind skipping around?

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