Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wine and Love vol. 2

I am once again linking up with the wonderful Nora for her weekly wine and love! Head over to check her wine/love out as well as the others!

Weekly Wines:
- My tutoring appt. did not show today.  Home phone disconnected, mom work number unavailable. WTF?  Still haven't heard back from email.

- My daughter will not willingly drink from a bottle.  My boobs and I would like to leave the child for longer than 4 hour chunks without worrying she is screaming bloody murder for whoever is watching her.

- It's fair week and I haven't gotten any fair food.

- I'm not going to see Kenny Chesney next week.

- I didn't get the job I interviewed for and am bummed for various reasons.

Weekly Loves:

- My daughter is growing! We are starting to put away all of her 3 month stuff.  Can't wait for the snuggly fuzzy cooler weather clothes!

- Football season is one week closer.

- I've been married to one heck of an awesome guy for 4 years today! Totally want to relive our wedding reception again.  Sooo much fun.  I am so thankful I married someone who makes me laugh, is super smart and is very laid back.

- Feta cheese and ice cream.

What is on your list this week?

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