Monday, August 15, 2011

Couch to 5k: Week 2 = Complete

Monday - Dance Calorie Burn

This gem I found on my Charter ondemand under Exercise TV.  It was 20 minutes and led by Lia Montelongo and I was NOT coordinated enough for some of these moves.  Seriously.  The first few were simple enough but my sexy walk totally was more of an elephant strut and the kick move totally baffled me.  I will give it credit for getting me to move for 20 minutes and making me sweat a bit but I was so out of whack with the movements I'm not sure what good it did besides have my body move!

she's giving me the you better workout look..
Tuesday - 5 minute warm up 90 sec run/ 2 min walk repeat 6 times 2 minute cool down

I had my very bad day on Tuesday and didn't get a chance to go running until afternoon and that worried me a bit.  And a darn good dinner it was.. Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar and jalapenos nom nom nom.  Anyway, the running 90 seconds instead of 60 was no big whoop but on the 5th run I got a stitch in my side that bugged me until I was done.  I went 1.55 miles. Oh and I saw a dead snake on the road and thought of you Amber!!

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Rest

Was supposed to run on this day but with all of my running around, lack of sleep from the night before and the fact that we didn't have dinner until 7, it just wasn't happening that night.

Friday - 5 minute warm up 90 sec run/ 2 min walk repeat 6 times 5 minute cool down

I once again ran AFTER dinner (this time I waited an hour) and I don't think it was that bad but afterwards in the shower my tummy hurt.  I think I run much better on empty/near empty.  This time when I started out running the first two runs my knees hurt.  Almost like they were old and creaky and needed more of a stretch on them.  By the third run only left knee seemed stiff and then it neither of them borrowed me for the rest of the runs.  By the 5th run I thought for sure I was getting a side cramp and through that run and the last run it felt like I was on the edge of a cramp.  Overall, I felt great afterwards but during I felt like I was falling apart! 1.80 miles

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - 5 minute warm up 90 sec run/ 2 min walk repeat 6 times 5 minute cool down

Somehow I managed to push it off til the end of the day again.  But, I remembered if I skipped, I'd have to repeat the third run of week three and I'd have to post this and say, yeah I'm a lazy butt.  So, I got myself out there and made it through, even when my MP3 player almost pooped out on me.  This time only my left knee bothered me for the first couple runs and then at the end my right ankle/knee bothered me.  I think I may need better running shoes.  Or my body is saying, hey you're fat I hate carrying you.  And um when you eat 3 pieces of beer bread,  3 pieces of pizza, a snickers bar, a diet dr pepper, an applesauce and some water on a Sunday, you kind of know why you aren't losing weight bahahaha.   1.80 miles
Week 3 here I come!!!

Mileage Total: 5.15 miles
Extra Cardio - 20 minutes
I am thinking about re-visiting my dear friend Jillian Michaels this week. ::gulp::

Running question.. what kind of shoes do you use that aren't ridiculously expensive? If you use ridiculously expensive shoes, please don't tell me about them, I can't afford them no matter how good they are hahah. I am using Adidas right now and I usually like how they fit my feet and they haven't bothered me running before and I have very narrow feet.

Oh and because I feel like sharing here is my meal plan for the week..

M – French dip sandwich, feta pasta salad, strawberries
T – BLT, chips, corn, watermelon, feta pasta salad
W- Shrimp Jambalaya, rolls, blueberries
Th- Chicken Stir Fry, watermelon
F- Out for anniversary
S –  Jalapeno/cream cheese / cheddar stuffed pork tenderloin, mac and cheese, fruit, tomato/cucumber salad

What is on your menu this week?

oh and don't forget to suggest a book for september's group read!

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