Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today Sucks

You know when one bad thing happens then another happens and then it seems like the whole day is ruined and out to get you? Yeah, I'm having one of those days.  What makes me even more mad is that I'm freaking out that I'm going to get my first post-partum period and THAT is why I feel like a hormonal mess and I just don't want to deal with that right now either.

So what has gotten me all riled up?

Black pants.

Yeah, I can't find mine.  I need them for Thursday and I am so glad I decided to look today because they are MIA.  I tried them on just weeks ago and they fit snug but I was so glad that they fit a little bit because that meant I would eventually be back into them.  Not like the OTHER pair of black pants that went away to fit someone skinnier than I.

Yeah, I'm kind of scared that I donated the pants that fit too.  EFF ME if I did because I just bought these pants last July and wore them twice before I got pregnant.  Yeah, I suck.  I also suck because I apparently only own one pair of black pants and should clearly own more.

So I can't find the back pants and I have searched my closet 4 times.  I looked in my dresser 1 and a half times.  The built in shelving unit I half-assed because my husband is messy and his clothes are just shoved in there around my semi-folded clothes.

That is my next point of anger.  If my husband just wasn't so messy I would totally find MY pants.  Irrational and lame right? Yeah this is why I am worried about the possible impending period.

Then it starts raining and I wanted to go to the mall because um hello I need black pants.  Oh and I need to run tonight and I am not gun-ho about running in the pouring rain and then it will push this week all off. 

So I am on the phone talking to my mom about how I CAN'T FIND MY BLACK PANTS and she offers up some of her clothes and then I am like, I just need to stop looking because I am going to effing cry over stupid black pants and in the scheme of things crying over black pants is not how I want to spending my crying energy.  So I will suck it up try on my mom's clothes and then maybe hit the mall for black pants for me and birthday presents/cards for 3 little girls who are having birthday parties this Saturday.  Yeah, we were invited to 3 parties for 5 different people this weekend.  Holy birthdays.

So yeah.. pity party for one irrational hormonal lady over here!

What's biting your butt today?

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