Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July At A Glance

Books Read

33. Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand – Helen Simonson (July 18th)
34. The Last Place – Laura Lippman (July 23rd)
35. By A Spiders Thread – Laura Lippman (July)

My favorite was probably By A Spider's Thread but overall this was a great month for reading even if it was just 3 books.  They were all great!

Currently Reading: The Sandalwood Tree which is our group read for August if you want to join! So far it is good!

Fave Recipes Posted:
Summer Salad

I actually got back into the cooking swing this month and made quite a few yummy dishes and not all got documented.  I have a few more in store this month and hopefully will get to share them.  On the menu this week is Nacho Enchilada Casserole, Hot Dogs, Sloppy Joes and Beef and Rice Enchiladas.

Movies Watched
The Hangover 2

HILARIOUS! Yes it wasn't as funny as the first but it was hilarious for all the same stupid reasons and yeah it was basically the same movie, but who cares it is funny!

Fave Photos
This is hard.. I am going to only pick 5. You are welcome. ;)

What were your favorites in July?

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