Sunday, August 7, 2011

Couch to 5k: Week 1 = Complete

I decided to help keep myself accountable I would do a weekly update of my Couch to 5k endeavors. And borrowed this idea loosely on Amber (who is much more together/inshape than I am).

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - 5  minute warm up, 60 second run / 90 second walk - repeated 8 times and 5 minute cool down walk

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I started out Tuesday on my very first run/walk of the program.  I lived to see another day and was just slightly sore and achey on Wednesday, which I felt was pretty darn good for the first running attempt in practically a year and for birthing a baby a mere 10 weeks earlier. I ended up going 1.77 miles.

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - 5 minute warm up, 60 second run/90 second walk - repeated 8 times and 5 minute cool down walk

Unlike on Tuesday when I cramped up with 2 runs left, I didn't have any cramps today but over estimated my length needed to complete the workout so I had an extra long cool down walk. ;) Around run 5 it got a little tough but I pushed through. I ended up going 2.03 miles with the extra distance oops.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Rest

Now here is where I almost gave up before I even finished week one.  Yeah, me the quitter.  The baby went from sleeping through the night with one wake up to waking up 3 times and being up for the day by 6 am.  Yowch.  I was soo tired and I just could not pull it together to go out for a run yesterday morning.  So I put it off til tomorrow which always means NEVER in my book. 

Sunday - 5 minute warm up, 60 second run/90 second walk - repeated 8 times and 5 minute cool down walk

I woke up today and the baby had only woken up once during the night and then was up by 7:45 for the day, so not so bad and I woke up not feeling exhausted.  However, I started lazing around and then it got to be 9 and the baby was eating again and I was like, OKAY.  YOU NEED TO DO THIS.  How are you going to be skinny (ha ha) if you give up and you don't even finish week one.  Remember allll that hard work of making a training plan that would be wasted and you'd have to re-fix? GO AND DO IT.  So I headed out by 10 am and thankfully there was a breeze and the sun was out and the humidity and sun didn't really hit me until run 5 again and then I was like, boooya I got this.  And I chugged my way home.  2.04 miles today.

Mileage Total: 5.84 miles

So my thoughts on week 1? It was tough, but I did it.  I'm proud of myself.  I actually set a goal and did it! Woot woot.  I'm excited to start week 2 and while I was running today I even had the great idea that if I can get my run in next Saturday morning, I can totally go for a bike ride next Sunday morning to get our newspaper and perhaps some orange juice!

Questions for those of you who have done the Couch to 5k? Which week do you think is the hardest? Did you do any other workouts in between the runs?

And a question for any runner, do you always do a warm up walk and a cool down walk when you go out for a run or do you just run straight out the front door (so to speak)?

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