Friday, August 5, 2011

The Sandalwood Tree - Discussion 1

Welcome reading friends to the first discussion of the August Group Read, The Sandalwood Tree. Any and all are welcome to participate, the more the merrier! This discussion covers the first 10 chapters.

I am really digging the back and forth between Evie and Felicity/Adela.  Currently, I think I read quicker and enjoy more when it is the Felicity/Adela chapters.  I think it has something to do with some of the flowery descriptions of India and we all know how I feel about flowery descriptions. ;)

I will say that with reading The Secret Garden, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and now The Sandalwood Tree, I am learning far more about India's past than I ever knew before. Are you? Or are you already an India expert?

I like that it gives us the history of the time of Felicity and Adela and of Partition with Evie and Martin.  I also kind of feel like Evie and Martin have a slightly stereotypical after World War 2 marriage.  Where one comes back changed and reserved and changed and not as fun loving/carefree as before. Do you think Martin and Evie are going to be able to repair their marriage or is this it for life?

I like how Evie is keeping the letters to herself.  She seems like she needs a hobby/a purpose.  Teaching English is one thing but this is a mystery/puzzle and it can help her feel like she has a role/important again.  Do you think she will find more letters? Did you enjoy the last line as much as I did?

 "I went back to Adela's headstone and read it again, wondering what on earth could have induced a young woman to come to India during an uprising?" pg. 89. Quite the cliffhanger for us.

I'm also wondering.. Do you think Evie/Martin/Billy are safe in Masoorla or do you think they will have trouble? What do you think will happen?

A question from the Discussion Guide:

The Sandalwood Tree begins with a quote from Adela Winfield: “Death steals everything but our stories.” Later Evie paraphrases this as “Our stories are all we have.” What do you think of this? Do you agree? Do you think our stories are the only things that last?

Thanks for participating! Next week Lisa will be giving us her thoughts over chapters 11-20! Can't wait!

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