Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 weeks post-partum... time to get moving!

I've made a few workout plans and then not started them in the last 4 weeks, but last week I decided I needed to get started and that the turning of the month and getting Lisa on twitter would be my motivation to get cracking.

On Sunday I had found runningintoshape and her awesome podcasts! So I solved the if I just go out oh my own I totally will not run as much as I am supposed to and end up walking most of the time problem.

Monday night I ran out to Target and got 2 sports bras and a pair of shorts (oh and some soap and a swimsuit for Isla..). So, now I tackled the OMG if I run, my boobs won't cause some poor motorist to drive into a ditch problem and I was thatmuch closer to hitting the road.

Tuesday, my husband came home from work, I finished nursing the baby and I flung on my gigantic new bra and my shorts and laced up my shoes.  Swore a few times at the MP3 because I was having some stupid user error issues with it, waved bye to baby and said I love you if I die from this experiment and I was off.

Walked for 5 minutes and then ran for the first 60 seconds.  Holy crap, this feels good.  I'm not dying. YAY.  Walked 90 seconds.  Ran another 60. Pshhht.  Got this under control.  Haven't run in a year and I am doing great.  Walk 90 seconds.  Run 60.  Hmmm It's getting a little warm out.  Walk 90 seconds.  Run 60. Oh thank god I am almost done.  Walk 90 seconds.  Run 60 seconds. Ummm my legs are kind of hurting.  Hmm am I done yet? Walk 90 seconds.  Run 60 umm is this a hill???? Walk 90 seconds. Run 60 seconds. THANK GOD. I AM DONE. HALLELUJAH. PRAISE JEEBUS. CRAP I HAVE A CRAMP. Walk 90 seconds.  Run 60 seconds? WHAAAT?? I HAVE ONE MORE? DAmn miscalculation on my part.  Ugh ugh ugh. Cramp cramp cramp. GOING TO DIE.  Walk 90 seconds.  Congratulations walk 5 as a cool down.

Holy crap I finished.  So Week 1 Day 1 was conquered.  I almost didn't survive, but I fought through and was victorious.  Isla had a sweaty mom return home to her.

My goals are simple.
Finish this 9 week plan in 9 weeks.
Each week add something extra.  So for this week I am just doing the 3 runs and anything else that happens is just a bonus.
Next week I will add in a walk one day or I will do Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred depending on the weather/my schedule.  And then the next week I will add in something and so on.
And if I could lose some weight while doing this great.  I started today with being 5 pounds down from what I weighed when I got pregnant with Isla last year.  If I could continue on this losing path it would be fabulous, but I don't want to touch my diet since I am all the time famished from breastfeeding and I feel I make good choices MOST of the time and I don't want my supply to tank.

and a hot sweaty me after my run. you're welcome.

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