Wednesday, August 17, 2011

12 weeks old

Holy crap.  How is it possible that my daughter is already 12 weeks old? In 8 days she will be 3 months old.  How is this possible? This summer has flown by.  She is getting so big.  I am pretty sure I should be packing away all of her 3 month sleepers but I am slowly doing it one by one as she wears things for the last time.  Some of these things are super cute.  And the few 6 month sleepers we have just aren't as adorable.

She is holding her head up very well, hates tummy time but does an excellent job with head control as she screams about it, follows us around the room with her eyes, puts her hands in her mouth, drools over everything, watches us eat and wants in on the action, nurses like a crazy lady as if I am going to remove the food, hates eating from bottles, loves her swing, loves her excersaucer, loves her new bear Violet, loves her lovey from her cousin Kylee, loves to be swaddled, is back to sleeping 3/4 hour stretches at night now that she is out of the newborn napper, still sleeps in our room, is moving into size 2 diapers, loves when we sing, loves to be read to, loves Little House on the Prairie and loves NCAA football.

Love my girl.  Can't wait for all the other new and exciting adventures that come our way as she gets bigger and bigger.

seriously.. look how big she is!!! this was on Saturday and i was like ummm honey those 3 month pants are now capris on you!

little miss drooly

errrr i'm gonna get you

this is my favorite sleeper she has and this was her last time wearing it!

and today at 12 weeks! love my girl!

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