Monday, August 1, 2011

A Great Summer Weekend..

This past weekend was the perfect mix of busy, fun, family and relaxing.  The only thing missing was a dip in the pool or lake but frankly, there wasn't much extra time. ;)

Friday night my husband got his car worked on and then we had bbq chicken and potatoes on the grill with a side of corn for dinner.  We enjoyed a locally brewed beer, Red Sky, yum, and that night we hung out with Isla until she went to bed.  We made some cheese/bean dip and watched tv until we fell into bed early.

Saturday we all woke up early and hung out in bed together for awhile and then my hubby made some eggs, sausage and toast for us.  Isla got a bath and then we all got baths/showers to go out to eat for my mother and sister in-laws birthdays.  It was Isla's first time out for a meal with us and she was fabulous.  And was NOT the child screaming in the restaurant.  Yay.  She was entertained for about an hour and then was ready for her own meal and a nap so she and I cut out early to the car and got her ready to sleep the 40 minutes home. 

When we got home we watched a movie while Isla napped some more.  We ate our leftovers for dinner and then I took Isla over to my aunt's cottage to hang out and she was entertained by my uncle who made faces at her for quite awhile.  Then I came home, put her to bed and made a photo book for my mom while my husband played NCAA football with his cousin.

Sunday we all got up early again (me under protest) and I got a newspaper and cut out the ads and we played with Isla and then during her afternoon nap I went grocery shopping and then at night we went back over to my aunts cottage and hung out with more family who was in town.  She entertained them all with her drooling and got to play with her 4 year old third cousin who adored her.

Last night we worked on uploading photos and my husband made a photo book for himself.  We watched more tv and got ready for the week.  If I would have had 5 more minutes of daylight the pool was calling my name.

And today? I am so going into the pool.  High of 90. Oh and I am finally going to buy a sports bra so I can re-start the Couch to 5k tomorrow.  Already downloaded a podcast for Week 1.  And I HAVE to run because Lisa joined twitter and I said I'd run if she did. ;)

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

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