Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mom Pet Peeves

When I became a mom, I did not give up myself, my wants, likes or life.  I adjusted.  It annoys me when some people (moms/dads) go on and on about how they can’t do so many things now that they have a kid.  Why not??

 I mean my baby runs the show with her own feeding/eating schedule but we do what we want around it.  We adjust.  Things might take longer, be tougher, a little annoying at times, but I am so not going to pull the martyr card about it.

 Statements debunked

Zomg, I had to cut my hair when I had a baby and can’t possibly wear it long, the baby will play with it.” – You chose to cut your hair.  Yes, it is annoying when your child pulls/yanks/tries to eat your hair.  You can pull it up when you are holding/feeding them and still rock the long hair.  I do not feel sorry for your new short ugly hairdo that you hate.

Enjoy your bathroom/long showers while you can, after you have a kid you never get alone time in there. “ In the short month I’ve had an outside baby (in which I became an amazing know-it-all super mom) I think I have had a hot relatively long shower practically every day.  She has only been in the bathroom with me maybe 3 times so far.  Nap time, night time, when people are visiting or when my husband is home is a good enough time to shower.  Priorities.

Ugh..we haven’t been on a date in months.  I have no idea what is in the theater or been to a restaurant in forever.” – Get a babysitter.  But our family lives out of town!” – Get a babysitter.  Craigslist, , local colleges, your daycare, other daycares, ask parents for recommendations.  You won’t lose any super mom points if you get a non-family babysitter before your kid is a year old.

We haven’t spent a night way from our 3 year old. Ever.” – Um, and you are happy about that?? Your child will not be scarred for life if she spends a night or two apart from you before she heads to kindergarten.  You will all be happier if you do spend time apart.

"MY kid ONLY gets breast milk. - While that is great, formula wouldn't kill them.  And way to make other moms feel bad about it.

"Oh, your kid doesn't sleep in their crib? I see you gave in.  He was in HIS crib from day 1." - I don't really think letting your kid bedshare / co-sleep with you is giving in.  Especially, when the kid is an infant.  I think it is called maximizing your sleep.  But, what do I know? I guess you could just let your newborn cry it out and scream bloody murder in their crib while you peacefully sleep in your own bedroom.  That should work out well.
ANY comments that come after Just Wait.. – You are seriously a douche if you start out conversations with this phrase.  I promise.

ANY comments that come afterWell you’ve only been a parent for.. and then JUST WAIT” will probably show up … - Still a douche.

People can and do have opinions and realistic concerns about things regardless of what level they are on the parenting/life pyramid.  But it would be nice if people would stop martyring themselves and trying to speak for all parents.  Some of us are rocking long hair, date nights, hot showers and getting plenty of sleep at night.  You can hate them too.

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