Friday, July 15, 2011

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Discussion 2

Welcome to the second discussion of Major Pettigrew's Last Stand! This covers up to Chapter 13.  Any and all are welcome to partake in conversation, the more the merrier!

Okay, so I first have to say.. Major Pettigrews sister-in-law and niece are HORRID people.  Seriously.  He has much more couth than I.  I would have blown my cool and never gotten the gun out of their house because I would have been it damn clear I had no intentions of selling it and who cares how much it is worth! And may I say his old-fashioned manners are endearing but also so freaking aggravating!

"He had a vague idea that it was not manly to fuss over the details as he had been doing and that making finger sandwiches would be dubious."......  "And yet there was that fine line across which one might be betrayed into womanish fretting over details. " pg. 99

So very true.  Only a woman (mostly) would pay mind of what is going on the table for tea.  Guys? Oh I invited some people over for drinks and to watch football.  They simply will drink and watch football.  Women? Will provide snacks and worry about if there will be enough. Just go with the over generalization.

"The Internet? I think you'd better be very careful Roger.  I hear there is nothing but con games and pornography on that thing." pg. `102

bahahahaha. he is funny. And Roger? He is a wanker.

Something I noticed in the book that I notice in real life, what is it with old people and landscape and flowers? Is it a trait one learns when older or does the older generation just have that many more people that are obsessed with it? My grandparents/their peers seem to go on and on about nature.  Me? I will notice if something looks pretty, but I do not need to oooh and ahh over plants and peoples gardens.  And half the time when people point out gorgeous views? I think oh well that's nice, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I think the most beautiful things I've seen have been in the Upper Peninsula or in Jamaica. But for the most part, wildlife is wildlife and not that "pretty."

"As they shook hands, and promised  to meet again, he did not express his conviction that Daisy Green might represent a greater menace to the Mughal Empire than the conquering Rajput princes and the East India Company combined." - pg. 113 (hahaha proof he has a sense of humor)

"Oh, it's simple pragmatism, Dad.  It's called the real world.  If we refused to do business with the morally questionable, the deal volume would drop in half and the good guys like us would end up poor.  Then where would we all be?"

"On a nice dry spit of land known as the moral high ground?" suggested the Major. pg. 175

Oh my the Major kills me with his zingers! And wtf Roger? You are NOT one of the good guys.  I also liked Rogers dig at foreigners who take advantage of the elderly and the Major asking if Americans were not foreign as well because he had one in his sights. hahaha he is too much!

1. Do you think Roger and Abdul Wahid will both sleep in the same house? (no fair if you are are ahead and know!)

2. Do you think Sandy will ditch Roger for being a twit and side with the Major? (I kind of do.)

3. The Major seems to be evaluating his relationships with different people.  Marjorie brought up how Bertie felt like the inferior brother.  Roger comments on how the Major never sides with him.  Do you think the Major has been oblivious to how things have been all these years or do you think his manner of brushing unfortunate subjects away has made the discrepancies in how people see their relationships?

4. What do you think will happen with Abdul Wahid and Amina?

5. How do you see the gun drama ending?

Next Friday we will discuss chapters 14-18.  Don't forget to go to yesterday's post and suggest something for August!

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