Friday, July 22, 2011

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Discussion 3

Welcome back to Discussion #3 over Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.  We are talking about chapters 14-18 or basically anything that has happened so far in the book.

I think the book has gotten better as it has gone on.  In the beginning I was worried it was going to be too dull for my sleep deprived mind to handle.  But minus a couple rambles of scenery it has moved along pretty fast and the Major’s dry humor has come out more and more.

I kinda wish this was a movie, just because I would have loved to have seen the scene at the Golf Club’s dance!

It is very interesting to see the differing degrees of prejudices that the different characters in the book have.  And the fact that they just say things that are incredibly offensive aloud! But I think that does have something to do with British culture/attitude.  Still, it amazes me how many of them were so very rude to Mrs. Ali’s face or would say mean things about her just because of her skin color.  Even the Vicar from the church was horrid.  Honestly, I wouldn’t want to spend time with any of them if I were the Major.  Mean people all around!

  1. Would you ever make the sacrifice for your family like Mrs. Ali made for her nephew and Amina?

  1. Do you think the reaction that the Major and Mrs. Ali got from their respective friends and family were typical? Do you see this ype of prejudice happen? Has it happened to you?

  1. Speaking of prejudice.. small mindness comes up a lot.  Who is small minded? How is it shown in the book?

  1. What is your opinion of Ferguson and Lord Dagenham’s idea for the village?

  1. If you were to attend the Golf Club’s dinner/dance what would your costume look like?

Next week will be our last discussion over Major Pettigrew! Don’t forget to vote for August’s read.

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