Friday, July 8, 2011

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand - Discussion 1

Welcome all to the Discussion 1 over July's Read, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. Please forgive me because I have not read the full selection (Chap 1-7).  Umm something about a newborn, the 4th of July and being tired comes to mind.  Oh and I have to think about this! So please, if you did not slack like me, please please discuss and add a question or two! Oh and I apologize if this is random and all over the place, I kept editing this post as I was able to read some more throughout Thursday night! ;)

So far, I can tell that I like Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali.  They seem like quirky semi-older people who have more to them than most realize or care to know. I like that they both enjoy semi obscure books.  His son? Roger? A twat.  The girlfriend? A little much.

Englishism's I adore or notice
- cottages
- biscuits
- villages
- solicitor

What Englishism's did you notice? Like or hate them?

Best line ever??

"Oh go to hell, " whispered the Major into the translucent bottom of his teacup and covered his muttering with a cough. pg. 34

Questions shamelessly taken from

1. Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali have known one another for a time. What is it about this one moment, when he opens the door to her at the story's onset, that makes him fall in love with her?

2. How would you describe Major Pettigrew? In what way do we see him as "typically English"?

and the baby is waking up! Crapola.. I promise to be better next week! Sorry loves! Welcome to all the newcomers, and if any of you are in love with the book or want to write a guest post for one of the discussions let me know! Next Friday, we will cover Chapters 8-13!

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