Thursday, July 28, 2011

By A Spider's Thread

Tess Monaghan, private detective, is approached by Mark Rubin, a very very conservative Orthodox Jew whose wife and children are missing but the police have determined that it isn't a case for them. Rubin is insistent that their marriage was a good one, there was no abuse and he has no idea why his Natalie would leave him and take their children. The only thing he can come up with is maybe she was trying to save him from something?

The ever skeptical Tess, is skeptical. She figures Rubin to be a controlling arse of a husband, which he was to an extent, but a typical Orthodox husband if you come to think of it. Tess agrees to take the case because she needs money and he has lots of it.

Bit by bit Tess learns that Mark hasn't been that forthcoming with information as she learns details that make his perfect life and perfect wife sound not so perfect at all. Russian immigrants, lying about religion, prison deals, what else will Tess learn before she can find Natalie and the children? Will she find Natalie and the children? Are they even alive?

I of course, loved this one too! You can really see Lippman's writing getting better and better, the further into the series you get. Tess's love life gets a spotlight as does her Aunt Kitty's and those snippets lead me to believe Tesser is finally growing up in her mid-thirties! ;)

Have you ever dated someone else as a back up when the one you wanted was unattainable?

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