Thursday, March 24, 2011


Rizzoli & Isles installment number 5 does not disappoint! I think I enjoyed this one even more than Body Double. I would totally be digging into the next one already, but our roads are horrible so there aren't any impromptu trips to the library in my near future.

This thriller includes the scary labor/delivery experience Detective Rizzoli goes through to get her beautiful baby born. A mysterious hostage taker has Jane and others corralled into a waiting room at the hospital while everyone tries to figure out how the lady who used to be 'dead' got into this predicament. [ Yeah, a not 'dead' body shows up at the ME's office! ]

The information that Rizzoli, Agent Dean and other co-workers learn is frightening and dangerous and even a new infant won't keep Jane from participating.

I must say I do have a few complaints with Jane's reaction to motherhood and breast feeding. I know it is part of who her character is (brash non-maternal and job focused), but she seriously was making some uneducated comments that were a tad annoying. She wasn't really TRYING to be a mother, more just resenting that the baby had made her change so much. (Not to say that this isn't a perfectly fine reaction to somewhat resent your life not being your own anymore, but it was all in the context of the book.) She also took a flight out of town 2 weeks after the baby was born and was self-expressing milk in a bathroom because she didn't know what to do with her milk. Um perhaps get a pump? I mean, seriously it was a bit annoying that and her simple oh I will just use formula to get this kid to stop crying instead of trying other soothing methods was aggravating. However, I think with how the book ends that Jane's take on motherhood may be changing in the next book.

Also, fair warning but this book focuses a lot of the illegal sex trade industry in our country and there are some pretty vile/descriptive scenes that portray older men having sex with very young girls. It will make you angry and uncomfortable but is definitely worth the read.

When was the last time something in a book irritated you?

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