Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dreams for my Daughter

For her to have the confidence to stand up and speak for herself and others, but to have the grace to do so with integrity.

To think for herself and research why she believes in whatever she is passionate for.

To never feel inferior to her peers and resort to name calling to increase her standing.

To never be be afraid to try new things, but have the sense to be weary of the possible consequences.

To appreciate the beauty and simplicity of a warm sunny day.

To love unconditionally.

To believe that nothing is impossible.

To know that every action and reaction I make or have is in her best interests.

Not to be ashamed if her laugh is a little too loud, her jokes fall on flat ears or her ideas ridiculed. What matters the most is trying again after being beaten.

To appreciate good tasting food and ignore those who harp on calories and her figure.

To live, laugh and love the hell out of life each and every day.

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