Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Mephisto Club

I bet ya'll are getting sick of me and my ramblings about Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli & Isle series. Good news? I'm almost completely caught up in the series. Only 2 more books to go! ;) Her newest in the series, The Silent Girl, comes out July 5th! The Mephisto Club is probably the grossest, creepiest and most interesting installment so far. Dismemberment, Satanic symbols, glimpses of Rome and Siena, the Devil tracking down his prey. Very interesting. It kind of reminded me of The Divinci Code and Angels and Demons. Basically, on Christmas Eve Rizzoli is called to a scene where a young woman has been dismembered and there are creepy Satanic symbols written on her walls and a weird ritual on the kitchen floor. Fast forward a few weeks and ANOTHER body is found outside a retired history professors house where he is hosting a dinner party for a very peculiar group of people. The Mephisto Foundation is a group of people who are pretty well off and are interested in tracking down the evil in the world. Its roots go waaaaaaaaaay back to ancient times and many mentions of times before Christianity are mentioned as well as Adam's third son Seth. I found all of this information very fascinating. Anyway, long story short. This group of people get on Rizzoli's nerves (and she gets on mine for being holier than thou and hard-headed) and try to help solve her case. Lots of blood and gore and plenty of mystery. Definitely recommend this series if you haven't checked it out yet! What fiction books with historical references have you enjoyed?

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