Thursday, March 10, 2011

Posts You Need to Check Out

I read a wide variety of blogs. When I started this one, it was mainly to cover my reading habits because I was overloading my other private blog with too many book posts. Then I started venturing off 'just' book topics. Now it is a random blog, but I don't share too many personal details but I have multiple interests that I sometimes share. And these interests lead to random blogs. So I decided to share some posts made in the last week from some of the many lovely bloggers that I follow, so you can also bask in their awesomeness and the random that is my various interests.

So in no particular order some of my favorite reads of the past week:

To Monetize or Not by the lovely Not Super. . . Just Mom
- She brings up a good point about bloggers and ads and why others rake other the coals for trying to make a buck.

Dear World. Signed, A Teacher by the lovely Dream As Big As the Sky
- She says about everything I think/feel about the way people treat teachers and how discouraging it all is

teaching isn't just my job, it's my job by the lovely Sluiter Nation
- She discusses the wonderful gift of reading and the awesomeness that is RIF.

I'm tired of thinking about weight by the lovely Charmingly Chandler
- She talks about how hard it is to get back out there and how daunting the dang Couch to 5k can be for those who are NOT runners.

Please check out these lovely ladies and their blogs and just maybe you will make yourself some new friends this week!

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