Monday, March 21, 2011

To The Power of Three

This is the second book by Laura Lippman that I've read and while I am not a gushing fan of hers, I do enjoy her mystery writing.

Josie, Kat and Perri have been inseparable since the third grade until the start of senior year when Perri stops talking to Kat and directs everyone to ask her why they are no longer friends, only for Kat to respond, ask Perri. Not even Josie knows why the rift started, only that she can't bare to lose Kat too.

The book starts with a girl preparing to take a gun to school. The next thing we know we are dropped into a high school in early June that is bustling, getting ready for the end of the year and graduation when a shooting takes place in the girls room. Shot? Kat, Perri and Josie. Only one is conscious and talking.

The book goes back and forth between present time and back into snippets from the past 10 years of friendship. From the beginning in third grade, to middle school dramas to early high school woes to college worries and the present time.

In the end, the community will be and is shocked by the outcome of what appeared to be an isolated singular incident between three friends.

My only complaints would be the bogging down of sooo many characters and minor characters and information that sometimes was a little irritating when you really wanted to know why the heck the girl brought the gun to school and what exactly happened in the bathroom!
Who is your favorite mystery writer?
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