Wednesday, March 30, 2011

33 weeks!!!!

Today at 33 weeks!! All dressed up to go to a dinner for my husband's company tonight.. fun times!

The Skip Hop diaper bag I ended up buying.. Slightly disappointed because the photo I saw when ordering was the charcoal dot one, which I liked better.. but this one is okay too!

a view of half the closet.. like the pink paint in the closet? the bedroom used to be that color when we moved in.. and there used to be ORANGE shag carpet on top of that flooring! a view of the crib.. and the very old vacuum because the very nice one I got as a wedding gift broke and we never got it fixed.. it is awaiting a new storage spot.. the clothes in the crib have been put in the tubs that you could kind of see in the other photo and stacked in the closet. the only stuff left in the crib are newborn - 0-3 month sizes that I am going to wash after my baby shower
this is the view from the door when you walk in.. my glider my hubby got me, the dresser from CSN stores from my parents, the rug from Target that I got when I was a sophomore in college, and the owl wall art is from Target and probably going to hang on the wall by the glider. and we are waiting for nicer weather to wash the blinds. they are gross.

this is baby and me on my birthday on Saturday!!! lovely DQ Reese's ice cream cake!

How far along? 33 weeks.. holy shiz!

Weight gain/loss: up 9 pounds

Maternity clothes? same ole story as before..

Stretch marks? sadly, I think I may have sprouted my 1st one over the last week. Which would not be surprising seeing as how I feel like I doubled in size over the last week. but I can't get a good look cuz it is underneath the belly... but sadly I think it is one.

Sleep? The last two nights, my surefire sleep on my side has not worked. I've ended up on my back and being on my back wakes me up because I can't breathe! Then my back hurts when I do wake up.. I feel like I need my own king size bed!

Best moment this week? celebrating my birthday with friends and fam and getting more baby room stuff organized..

Food cravings: the last two days I've wanted Mexican.. but i haven't had it.

Gender: Girl

Belly button in or out? In

Movement? all the time.. but she has been a little quiet today.. probably from her partying all day yesterday!

What I miss? I reaaalllllly wanted a cherry wheat or a Killian's this weekend or an Amber Bock when we were out celebrating with our friends. I would have ordered one or sipped my husband's but we were with his aunt and uncle who I don't think would have liked that. But let's just say.. dark beer!!

What I'm looking forward to: A little getaway we are taking this weekend. We are going to hit up some restaurants that are featured on Man vs. Food and Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins. We are also going to try to hit up Whole Foods in Ann Arbor and perhaps a Trader Joe's in the Detroit area. We are also hoping to try some Coney dogs in Detroit and maybe hop across the bridge and visit Windsor. We might also check out the Holocaust Museum.

Milestones: umm I am pretty sure being 33 weeks is a milestone. ahhhhhhh

I feel so bad this poor girl has no name. We seem to add names and delete names but our list doesn't seem to fixate on one. I will be convinced of one and then think of reasons no. Or My husband doesn't say he loves anything so it's hard.

Here are some of our finalists what do you think?







Leaning towards Elizabeth or June for middle names. But of course nothing is concrete.

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