Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekly Workouts

So this is embarrassing...

Monday - 20 minute walk

I was still stuffed up today so I didn't feel comfortable running. Did a quick 20 minute walk on the treadmill with varying inclines and speed. I did get my 60 ounces in so yay. And extended my break by another day thanks to a snowstorm!

Tuesday - 2 miles on the treadmill

Starting with a warm up walk and then I did run/walk intervals.  Slowly doing more running than walking.  Another day off for RIDICULOUSLY cold weather and I somehow managed my 60 ounces still.  Seriously, almost harder than working out.

Clearly, going back to work completely wrecked my working out motivation.  But I have made a plan to fix this for next week.  I am walking after working in our gym for at least 25 minutes Monday and Tuesday this week.  Because I KNOW if I do it right after work but before I get the child I can find the motivation.  But, like I've mentioned before, there is not a gym in the town I work in/daycare is in so it makes winter things tricky.  But this way at least I'm moving this week!  And hopefully this week I will be able to get the energy for the night workouts again.

On the plus side during the work week I totally got my 60 ounces in.  The weekend? Was a bit harder.  Not all the way to 60 ounces.

The good news in all of this is that I've lost 3 pounds since I started focusing on improving habits! My secret not so secret goal of the week is to not snack after dinner.  I'm not reallllly hungry and I always eat crap.  So unless my stomach is growling for food I will not snack after dinner.  Just water or green tea.  And if I am starvvvving.  It will only be a clementine or a cheese stick. 

Have you every done Jazzercise? I'm thinking about trying out a class.

Also, if you could spare some thoughts today for my mom I'd really appreciate it.  She's having a procedure to remove the skin cancer that they found last month.  Fingers crossed that this will be the end of it and there will be no need for anything further besides frequent checkups.  I'm trying to be super positive about this because the alternative with the fucking c word is not fun.  Thanks!

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