Friday, January 17, 2014

Looking Forward..

I haven't done one of these in awhile but Lisa inspired me to do one again!

This weekend... My niece's 1st birthday party! Can't wait for the cousins to be together and go swimming.  Should be a good time!

Next week... I have a work conference that I am excited about! I'm excited about learning new things and about networking and bonding with some coworkers and lets be honest.  I'm excited to spend a couple nights in a hotel room and take a little vacation from my day to day work/mom role.

This spring.... My 30th birthday/spring break!!! They happen within days of each other and I'm excited.  I have no reason to be excited about my birthday besides that I get ridiculously giddy about birthday's.  I am sure there will be no party/nothing spectacular but still, the possibility makes me excited.  Plus, 30 sounds so grown up! Not ready to accept my grown up card though!! Spring break means the beach.  The beach means the sun.  The sun means happy me!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!

This year... We are planning some family camping trips for the summer and I'm excited.  We usually go at least once for a week long trip with my husband's extended family but this year I begged him for us to go at least once a month in the summer and I'm excited to explore our beautiful state's eastern side.  Something we've rarely done even though we live so much closer to the sunrise side of the mitten! 

What are you looking forward to?

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