Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap

I'm not even going to make excuses on why this comes and goes from my blog but it is staying.  At least for the next 13 weeks.  I have a big ole birthday coming up.. 30! And spring break!! I'm officially motivated to look smokin' in some bday photos because I WILL be celebrating A LOT and to feel pretty kick ass when I'm lounging on the beach in Panama City! Woot woot.  Here is my first week..

Monday - 20 minutes on the treadmill

I warmed up with about 10 minutes of walking and reading my book with some random inclines and then spent the next 10 minutes doing a run/walk combo.

Tuesday - 2 miles on treadmill

You have no idea.  I mean it, really NO IDEA, how easy it could have been for me to skip this workout.  I was tired.  It was freezing in my house.  I was finally alone and it was nap time.  But I did it because I told myself I couldn't quit on day 2! So I did it.  I managed to go a bit faster which is pretty pathetic in terms of running speed but it was faster than the day before! And even with a lot of walking because I promised myself okay, I said 2 miles but I didn't say what I was going to do.  So I walked a bit at the beginning and read my book and then I was like, okay time to haul butt and I managed to finish running a bit faster and do it in just over 30 minutes.  It felt good and I was a sweaty beast.  Success!

Wednesday - 155 crunches and 155 leg lifts per leg

I may have decided that champagne was a good idea after multiple beers and a glass of wine and a lot of Mexican food on New Years Eve.  Soo the idea of sweating made me want to cry.  And I had to clean the basement floor to be able to do the workout I wanted to do (Walk Away the Pounds 1 mile video, keeping it real cuz um New Years Day and all) but I spent all of nap time on the couch.  And then the Rose Bowl happened. GO SPARTANS! And then my husband had to go work on an end of the year project that wasn't done yet, so my helper wasn't here and it was almost 9 o clock by the time I had time to work out soooo.  I decided I had to keep moving because, my downfall is when I take a break in workouts.  So while the Fiesta Bowl started I did a variation of a variation of a workout I had found on Pinterest awhile ago.  So first I did 50 crunches then 50 leg lifts on the left and 50 leg lifts on the right.  Then I did 40, 30, 20, 10 and 5.  The leg lifts were killer but when I was done I didn't feel THAT bad.  And I went off to shower.  I got out of the shower and yeah, HELLO abs, you must still be there because now I feel you.  But, I did it.  I moved!

Thursday - 2 miles on the treadmill

So proud of myself.  I NEEDED all of nap time to be on my own so I told myself no ifs ands or buts my butt would be on the treadmill 3 minutes after the child went down for the night.  And I did it.  I didn't even try to convince myself to do less than 2 miles.  My abs hurt so good from yesterday which is good because I was afraid I may no longer contain abdominal muscles.  I did 7 minutes of walking than ran one minute, walked 4, ran 1, walked 3, ran 1, walked 2, ran 1, walked 1, ran 1, walked 2, ran 1, walked 3, ran 1, walked 2 1/2 ran 30 seconds and then walked 44 seconds to finish off my 2 miles. And I did it a full minute and 4 seconds faster than Tuesday! Woot.  And this is also because I started running way sooner.  I wanted to be done ha.

Friday -  Rest

I am so mad.  I was doing so well and I had every intention of working out but a 24 bug hit me hard.  I had planned on working out during naptime but I was freezing so I thought I would just stay under blankets and catch up on Nashville and have time before the football game started.  That was the beginning.  I spent all Friday night convinced I was never going to be warm again and finally puking later in the evening.  NOT FUN.

Saturday - Rest

Again.  I was on the couch all day with a headache.  It would not go away.  I had taken ibuprofen in the morning because my legs ached and I could not get comfortable and after some water and meds was able to sleep a bit and it went away. The headache? Not so much.  I spent 99 percent of the day on the couch.

Sunday -  Rest

And I thought FOR sure when I woke up and felt better that I could do at least a mile walk on the treadmill.  But just carrying the laundry up and down the stairs had me exhausted so I figured I still wasn't over the darn bug and I didn't need to make myself worse.  Here is hoping I can do it again tomorrow.

I'm really pleased with myself for this week minus the weekend illness that knocked me out.  My inner personal goal for the week was to work out every day and even though I didn't make it I am counting it because I did until I physically could not and actually felt bad that I couldn't and THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED.  SO progress.  This week I am continuing working out and my inner personal goal (ha posted on the internet) is 60 ounces of water.  My go to water bottle is 20 ounces and I suck at remember to drink when I'm working.  But I can do 60.

Did you workout last week? What do you plan on doing this week? Am I the only one who forgets to drink while working???

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